Samuriwo Attorneys, or SamAtt in short, a vibrant, client-oriented and cost effective boutique law firm with international links. We are based in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.

Our offices are centrally locoated in close proximity to the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO), the Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Office and the Plant Breeders Rights Registry.


We offer prompt, practical and cost effective legal advice to clients in national, regional and international intellectual property law matters. These matters include patents utility models (petty patents), industrial designs, trade marks, plant breeders rights and copyright.

However, we readily recognize the overarching nature of intellectual property law and its interdependence with other laws. As a result, our services extend to climate and environmental law, commercial and competition law.

What sets us apart is our ability to understand the dynamics of the elusive balance that is required in the simultaneous protection of competition, innovation and the protection of intellectual property rights within a framework of topical climate, environmental and sustainabilty legal issues.  

Why SamAtt?

As our main guiding principle we are called to discipline, like the Japanese samurai.

Our work ethic and philosophy borrow heavily from the samurai's eight values of ethics, courage, compassion, politeness, sincerity, respect, loyalty, and self-control. 

These values are reflected in our firm’s logo which reflects simple, unpretentious and understated elegance. Our service delivery is efficient and cost-effective. Above all, we value relationships.


We believe in the transformative power of imagination. We are constantly challenging ourselves to re-imagine our service delivery products and processes to better anticipate our clients’ needs and expectations. This is particularly important in the field of intellectual property law where fast-paced innovations and technology demand responsive attorneys who are able to provide innovative service products under strict timelines.

This element speaks as much to our leadership style as it does to our professional footprint. We work in teams to ensure continuity and consistency of service delivery. The role of the team leader is to inspire teammates to plug into a shared vision, to teach, to encourage and to build. Through solid service delivery, we aim to create a legacy of excellence that is inspirational beyond ourselves.

Our growth strategy is organic, quantitative and qualitative in outlook. We diversify our services as the firm develops, offering services in new specializations through carefully calibrated value-adding responses to relevant international developments and growing dialogue areas, hence the development of our climate and environmental law specialisations.

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2nd Floor, Block 6, Celestial Office Park, Borrowdale


Email: info@samatt.co.zw
Phone: +263 242 886 313/6
Whatsapp: +263 772 910 770


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About Samatt
samuriwo attorneys is a vibrant and client-oriented boutique law firm. We offer cost-effective and practical advice to clients in trade mark and other intellectual property matters.