Due to the continual growth of the field of intellectual property law and its constantly evolving intersections with other fields of law, our firm is purposefully tailored to reflect a strong cross-disciplinary approach. As a result, our practice areas include climate law and environmental law as complementary speciality areas.

Zimbabwe is a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and to the Paris Agreement.

We offer legal analytics and advisory services on the climate law regime in Zimbabwe including the following legal evaluations:

1) Of competencies of the Zimbabwe’s Patent Act of 1971 with attenuations that are
permissible under TRIPS flexibilities to add value to the climate change framework in
Zimbabwe; and

2) Of competences of the ARIPO patent in relation to technology access and ease of
patentability of climate technologies.

3) The policy framework of Zimbabwe that is relevant to this study in respect of climate change,
climate technologies and intellectual property comprises the following:
a) Climate Policy of 2016;
b) Climate Change Response Strategy of 2014;
c) National Energy Policy of 2012;
d) National Environmental Policy and Strategies; and
e) National Intellectual Property Policy and Implementation Strategy [2018-2022] of 2018
We offer advisory services in relation to the inter-operability of these legal and policy
instruments jurisdictionally and within the general international framework on climate

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